Black Ice Printer Manager

Black Ice Printer Manager 2.0

Control and set the printer drivers through an attractive User Interface (See all)

The Black Ice Printer Manager is a component of the Black Ice Printer Drivers which allows for centralized management of all Black Ice Printer Drivers installed on a particular system, allowing System Administrators and Users to control and set the printer drivers through an attractive User Interface. The General section contains output folder and post-printing options, including enabling the 'Save As' option and sending the output files as an e-mail attachment. The Conversion Modes section allows for configuring the printer driver with pre-defined output settings specific to the selected Printer Driver. Agent Printers are duplicate printers based on a Black Ice Printer Driver, each of which can be individually configured allowing on-the-fly printing to pre-defined settings. The Agent Printer section one can create, edit, delete, configure these Agent Printers

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